The First Thanksgiving Feast

They Ate What? Thanksgiving Dinner: Then and Now The first Thanksgiving feast took place in 1621 in Plymouth in present-day Massachusetts. Pilgrims and native Wampanoag celebrated the fall harvest for three days. The often-starving settlers rejoiced the harvest so fervently — including an exuberance of festive gunfire — that the Wampanoag believed the newcomers were […]


Fun Ideas for Fall Festivals and Autumn Classrooms

Celebrate with Seasonal Games and Classroom Fun We’ve compiled some great resources on our blog with fun ideas for fall festivals and classroom activities. We hope you find them fun and helpful. Share your ideas by tweeting us @ProgressTesting or by using #FallFestival. School Fall Festival Ideas Throwing a Fall Festival at School School Fall […]


The Anatomy of a Progress Testing Social Studies Item

Progress Testing Social Studies is State Specific Here at Progress Testing, we build state-specific item banks for Social Studies and Science — in addition to building state-specific and CCSS ELA and Math item banks. We create each item to discretely match the standards and guidelines for each specific state. We currently provide state-specific Social Studies […]