The First Thanksgiving Feast

They Ate What? Thanksgiving Dinner: Then and Now The first Thanksgiving feast took place in 1621 in Plymouth in present-day Massachusetts. Pilgrims and native Wampanoag celebrated the fall harvest for three days. The often-starving settlers rejoiced the harvest so fervently — including an exuberance of festive gunfire — that the Wampanoag believed the newcomers were […]


The Anatomy of an NGSSS Social Studies Item

Download The Anatomy of…an NGSSS Social Studies Item PDF   The Anatomy of…an NGSSS Social Studies Item At Progress Testing, we produce one of the only NGSSS Social Studies and Science formative assessment item banks available in Florida. We build each item to discretely match the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. Here’s how we build […]


FLDOE Updates: Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Updates from FLDOE on Irma As Hurricane Irma approaches, the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) has launched a resource page with updated school closures, shelter information, and meeting cancellations. Check back frequently, as this page will be updated when new information comes available. Hurricane Irma Resources (check for updates) FLDOE Official Twitter Feed (additional info) […]