FSA Bank and OCPS

Why Did OCPS Choose Progress Testing and the FSA Bank?

For over a decade, Progress Testing has been providing the highest quality item banks to Florida school districts. We also have developed partnerships with leading platform providers, including Performance Matters. Our company understands Florida’s assessment needs, standards, and policies.

Other reasons why OCPS chose to acquire the FSA Bank:

  • We are a Florida-based company.
  • Numerous Florida schools and districts have used, and currently use, our items.
  • We assess all FSA and NGSSS standards and include all FSA and NGSSS item types.
  • Our item bank can be delivered through many leading platforms, providing flexibility.
  • We maintain an item-development/release schedule in accordance with the FSA phase-in.

No RFP required!

How does this benefit your school district?

All public school districts in the state of Florida can now purchase the FSA Bank through cooperative purchasing of goods and services. This is called “piggybacking,” and it’s part of state procurement law. Because Orange County awarded its bid to Progress Testing, your school district can now bypass the RFP process and purchase the FSA Bank under the same terms and conditions as OCPS.

A complete explanation can be found in an excerpt from the Orange County Purchasing Procedures Manual.

Use the form to the right to receive our Florida Purchase Packet containing ALL the items your district will need to successfully “piggyback” off of Orange County’s awarded bid.

Once submitted, a member of our team will contact you to make sure you understand the process and help answer any questions you may have.


Only secure Florida-specific assessment bank.

The Only Secure Florida-Specific Formative Assessment Item Bank

As school districts across Florida implement the Language Arts Florida Standards and Mathematics Florida Standards, educators and districts face the challenge of creating and finding secure, high-quality assessment content that accurately assesses the new standards.

To address their needs, the Orange County School District (OCPS) has partnered with Progress Testing to provide its 184 schools with Florida’s only secure and comprehensive formative assessment item bank – now available within the Performance Matters assessment platform.


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