Item Types

Ample Items for ALL Test Delivery Formats

The FSA Bank offers two separate item banks — District and Teacher — and more than 69,000 items that comprehensively assess Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS).

New technology-enhanced (TE) items are exciting. We love to write them, and kids love to answer them. But not every student has a device in his or her hands — at least not yet. Recognizing the dilemma our client districts face when administering formative assessments, we have released items that can be administered on paper as well as online.

FSA Bank Print Item Types:
Multiple Choice Evidence-Based Selected Response (EBSR)
Multiselect Natural Language Response
Open Response (short and extended) Gridded Response

The above item types can be administered online OR via paper and pencil and scored using scanners, document cameras, etc. Your district can use the technology already in place and still effectively monitor student progress.

Technology-Enhanced (TE) Item Types

The FSA Bank includes more than 10,000 technology-enhanced (TE) items, with thousands in all core subjects. That number will grow significantly with each update, as our in-house teams of writers and editors are always writing new content.

FSA Bank TE Item Types:
Selectable Hot Text (one-part and two-part) Equation Editor
Graphic Response Item Display (GRID) Matching Item
Editing Task Choice Table Item
Editing Task Ordered Interaction
Multimedia Inline Choice
TE Item Types Under Development:
Drag-and-Drop Hot Text

Per the Florida Standards Item Specifications, ALL eligible item types for each standard will be present in the bank. Since test development is both an art and a science, you and your district team will have many, many choices when making tests. And as our NGSSS test evolves, so, too, will the item types for Science and Social Studies.

Though the FSA Bank team has already developed the above item types, your district’s ability to use these items in online tests will depend entirely on your assessment platform provider. Though platform providers are working to support the new item types, few support ALL of them at this time. Be sure to discuss this with your platform provider before planning to use TE items.

Aligned to Florida Standards

All items in the FSA Bank meet or exceed the Test Item Specifications for each set of standards: